Leo Burnett Taiwan

"Donation Wallpaper"

Product: Good Neighbor-Pressing ahead with the donation to Ronald McDonald House Charities
Title: Donation Wallpaper
Media: Website/Mobile
Country: Taiwan
Date Of Campaign: 23/11/2022

Background: Receipt donation is a unique charity culture in Taiwan as it is the only country in the world where receipts can be used as lottery tickets.McDonald's Taiwan raises funds for Ronald McDonald House Charities every year; with donation boxes set up in the restaurants that accept lottery receipts, making it its major source of charity income.Digital payment is growing popular among Gen Z in Taiwan it can store sales receipts on the cloud. However, when receipts are increasingly out of sight and thus out of mind, how should McDonald’s make the invisible receipts visible again to Gen Z so that they continue to donate them?

Idea: Since Gen Z can't live without their phones, McDonald’s came up with an idea to make receipt donation impossible to ignore!McDonald’s played around the insight that Gen Z are keen to customize their mobile phone wallpapers. We created unique wallpaper designs for them to download on their phone screen – the Donation Wallpaper, which also serve as a reminder for them to donate digital receipts. Each Donation Wallpaper comes with a barcode for donation to RMHC; when scanned at the cashier, the lottery receipts donate automatically in real time!

Results: Donation Wallpaper created for McDonald’s?1. 190% Online Donation Growth (YOY)2. Gen Z each downloaded on an average of 3.4 wallpapers3. 125% more Engagement4. $ 1.5M PR Value (Media Coverage Total 107)By making a tiny change on consumer behavior, we have successfully created a "do good" culture trending among Gen Z in Taiwan. Even a little tiny gesture can achieve greatness.

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