Colenso BBDO

"Tally My Post"

Client: State
Product: Insurance
Title: Tally My Post
Media: Instagram/Facebook
Country: New Zealand
Date Of Campaign: 25/11/22

Background: Generation Z love their stuff. Finding stuff, buying stuff, tracking stuff, unboxing stuff, and sharing stuff on social media. But despite spending money on big things, less than half of them were getting that stuff insured. Without contents insurance, they risked it all getting lost, broken or stolen. State wanted to make sure Gen Z had their stuff protected. But to do that, they needed to show up in their world and help them realise how valuable their stuff was, in a fresh and compelling way – knowing that ultimately, success would be measured in the number of policies sold.

Idea: We made insuring your stuff as easy as posting about it. Tally My Post is a custom-built digital utility that uses multi-pass cloud vision machine learning technology to analyse a social post image, recognise the contents within it, cross reference those contents against claims data, and generate a super simple quote to get them insured. In other words, we built a tool that enabled people to turn their social photos into quotes.We wanted to target a new generation of (Gen Z) New Zealanders. The problem was, they weren’t interested in insurance. Quantitative research highlighted their lack of insurance literacy, and apathy about the category. It wasn’t that they didn’t have stuff to protect. They were proud of their tech, their hobbies and their hauls, and almost all of them showed it off on social media. So instead of trying to take their eyes off their social feeds and onto an ad about contents insurance they didn’t want to see, we enabled them to turn their feeds into quotes. No ads necessary.

Results: It’s incredibly challenging to get Gen Z to engage with insurance. Mention it to anyone under 25 and the blank stares and eye rolls come fast. But with Tally my Post, the average user spent over five minutes engaging in the insurance process by adding up the value of their stuff. The tool linked directly to the online purchase journey, and we saw immediate results – a 17.3% increase in new policies during the first two weeks of launch.

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