"Call Mom"

Client: Proximus
Product: Proximus
Title: Call Mom
Media: Radio
Country: Belgium
Date Of Campaign: 08/05/2022 - 09/5/2022

Background: Belgium’s leading telco provider Proximus has to work on brand love and preference and does so by demonstrating how technology and connectivity can make our lives better. The big challenge with that is the fact that technological innovations aren’t something we automatically connect to on an emotional level. Technology is even seen as something that creates distance between people. A phone was once used for calling, now it’s for texting, watching videos, ordering food, … you name it. Everything except calling. We found a generation gap between 45+ and 20-35 in which 45+ prefers to be contacted by phone call where the younger generation prefers a text. On Mother’s Day this was a gap we wanted to close. We saw a big opportunity to use technology in a very emotional way. Moms all feel they don’t get enough calls from their kids. Even on Mother’s Day most Belgians settle for a simple text message. It was the moment to show that text doesn’t suffice and that moms expect their children to use their phones for what they were made for: calling. And showing younger people that that phone call really matters to their parents.

Idea: Around Mother’s day we decided to show how smartphones can connect us better by playing on the fact that all mother’s would like their children to call them more often, especially on their special day. We used the insight that all Belgians calls it’s mother “mom” (mama in Dutch, maman in French) even in the address book of their phones. So we created a radio asset that triggers voice activation when registering the words “OK Google, call mom” or “Hey Siri, call mom”.This in order to get all phones near a radio to call 'mom'.The day after we reminded forgetful people with a wink about Mother’s Day the day before, offering them to help calling their mom via voice activation like the version on Mother’s Day.The campaign ran nationwide for 2 days on all major radio stations centered around periods where people are likely to be driving their car.

Results: - 1,5 million Belgians heard the commercial. That’s 23% of Belgians between 18-64. - Proximus measured an uplift of 276.000 calls via the Proximus network during the moment our radio assets were airing. Knowing Proximus has a market share of 30% in mobile, we estimate by extrapolation that the campaign helped more than 900.000 remember to call their mom on Mother’s day. -Our Audience experienced first hand how technology and better connectivity improves their lives in a very human and simple way. - It also means we have reached 54% of mothers whose children have left the family home! (Source: Statbel. Based on the number that there are 1.681 166 mothers with children of at least 25 years old in Belgium (26 is the average age children leave their parental homes.)

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