Leo Burnett Australia

"Resilience Road"

Client: Suncorp
Product: Insurance
Title: Resilience Road
Media: TV/OLV/Cinema/Print/OOH/Radio/Online Audio/Social/Display/Suncorp Website/On the street in Rockhampton/PR – Today Show integration/Partnerships: The Block, Grand Designs
Country: Australia
Date Of Campaign: 25th April 2022

Background: The effects of climate change continue to make Queensland more susceptible to extreme weather, causing the cost of insurance to skyrocket. In some cases, entire towns are uninsurable. So, over the last few years, Suncorp Insurance has shifted its strategy from ‘recovery’ to ‘resilience’. Because if people make their homes stronger in the face of extreme weather, it reduces claims, displacement and trauma.In 2021 Suncorp launched ‘One House to Save Many’ - the world’s first home designed, scientifically tested, and built to withstand cyclones, floods, and bushfires. ‘Resilience Road’ is about scaling the learnings from ‘One House’ and applying them to real houses, on a vulnerable street in Queensland. The objectives of the campaign were to embed ‘resilience’ into the public discourse, to show how easy and affordable it can be to make your home more resilient, and to demonstrate that Suncorp was a leader in resilience.

Idea: Suncorp's mission is to 'Put Australia on the road to Resilience', so we took one of Australia's most vulnerable streets and made it one of the strongest. We analysed each home on a disaster-prone street in Queensland, and applied the scientific learnings and techniques from 'One House to Save Many' to make each home more resilient to bushfires, floods and cyclones. ‘Resilience Rd’ was designed to teach Australians the value of resilience and how to make their homes stronger in the face of increasing extreme weather. And to continue to position Suncorp as an industry leader in resilience.‘Resilience Road’ came to life across multiple touchpoints:PR, Brand TV, and a short documentary told the story of how we took one of Australia's most vulnerable streets and made it one of its strongest. Content, and the digital hub showed people practically how to ‘make resilience their next renovation’.Print, social, digital and OOH drove home the message of the need for resilience.Media partnerships with ‘The Block’, ‘Real Estate Australia’ and ‘Grand Designs’ ensured the idea of resilience was embedded in culture.The street itself serves as a permanent reminder to all Australians to make their homes stronger.

Results: The campaigns have sparked a national conversation around resilience: CAMPAIGN RESULTS:Reached 95% of Queenslanders in the first 4 weeks of launch. 54,000+ unique website visitors.33 million impressions.BUSINESS IMPACT:Suncorp are now rewarding customers for building resilience into their homes with industry leading products.+75% increase in home policy growth (a YOY record).Maintained leadership position in home awareness. Grown consideration position to #2.+6.2% increase in new policies (Record quarter performance)CULTURAL IMPACT:Covered by several news outlets including multiple live crosses from ‘The Today Show’.Partnered with Australia's most popular TV show - ‘The Block’ - embedding resilience into the public discourse. The home renovation show rewarded participants for adding resilience to their builds. The city of Rockhampton officially co-named the street Resilience Road.Led by Suncorp, the Insurance Council of Australia has since launched Project Resilience, which aims to embed resilience into the National Construction Code by 2025.

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