"The 36"

Client: DGT
Product: Easter
Title: The 36
Media: TV, digital ads, social media, press
Country: Spain
Date Of Campaign: 5 April 2022

Background: Many people die on the Spanish roads during Easter Week. Every year there are awareness campaigns and daily reports of road fatalities, but the numbers don’t go down.

Idea: Instead of reporting on those who have died on the road, we found out who would die this year. We analyzed more than 95 million road trips made during Easter, more than 500,000 traffic accidents and more than 12.5 million cells of information. Using predictive algorithms, artificial intelligence and modelling, we found out who they would be, we located them among 48 million Spaniards and we made them the protagonists of our campaign.

Results: The campaign became one of the most talked about campaigns in the country. Achieved 110M earned average. Reached a total audience of 135M with close to 57 million impacts. And, finally, traffic accidents during Easter week were reduced by more than 19%, saving 7 lives.

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