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"Kentucky Fried Chicken Degustation"

Client: KFC Australia
Product: Kentucky Fried Chicken
Title: Kentucky Fried Chicken Degustation
Media: Influencer, PR, Activation, eCommerce, Website, eDM, Social.
Country: Australia
Date Of Campaign: 15th March, 2022

Background: Being part of the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) category means KFC consistently needs to battle the category stigma of producing nothing more than low-quality food. Yet here’s the thing: KFC’s food actually IS high quality. It’s made fresh and by hand each day, with chicken supplied from the same people who supply to restaurants all around the country. However, getting consumers to know this is a brutal challenge; mainly because they don’t believe us when we say KFC is good quality. If more Australians changed their perceptions about KFC’s food , it would lead to long-term growth for the business. So the campaign objectives were pretty straight forward: 1. REACH as many Australians as possible 2. With a believable and INFLUENTIAL message 3. To help change Australians’ PERCEPTIONS of KFC’s food quality

Idea: Kentucky Fried Chicken Degustation: Food critics will never say nice things about the quality of KFC. But who cares what food snobs think. Because now food influencers are the new food critics. So KFC created a restaurant just for them - a Social-first restaurant. A restaurant where every detail was designed specifically for their Social feeds. So it was almost impossible not to share their experience. To make it happen we took KFC’s products, and with the help of a celebrity chef, created an 11-course degustation menu that looked as good as it tasted #nofilter. The Social reach that came next is what we dreamed and planned for, but didn’t dare expect. But it happened. Content shot by influencers in our little Social restaurant made its way around the world, appearing in Newsweek and then Jimmy Fallon – leading to a second spike in hype.

Results: 1. REACH as many Australians as possible 2. With an INFLUENTIAL message 3. Helping change KFC’s food quality PERCEPTIONS We wanted to reach Australians through influencers’ feeds. But the influencer reach went way beyond that - into national and global mainstream media. Achieving a mind-blowing 1,372 pieces of coverage and over 1.24 billion impressions. When reservations went public, “KFC Degustation” was the 4th trending search on Google. And 3rd three weeks later, when our restaurant opened. And most importantly Social reach and influence had the desired impact: post-campaign research revealed an incredible 41% of respondents said ‘KFC Degustation’ improved their perceptions of KFC’s food quality.

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