Wunderman Thompson

"The Subconscious Order"

Client: HungerStation
Product: Delivery App
Title: The Subconscious Order
Media: In-App Feature
Country: Saudi Arabia
Date Of Campaign: 26/01/2023

Background: Saudi Arabia is experiencing a major boom. Numerous new businesses, including several food delivery apps from international giants with substantial budgets, have emerged suddenly. How can Hungerstation, the first food delivery app in Saudi Arabia, maintain and strengthen its position as the leading and most innovative food delivery service in town?

Idea: Let the Subconscious mind do the ordering. For the first time ever, a food delivery service introduces a new and smart feature that allows users to order food online by harnessing the power of their subconscious mind. On average, an adult spends approximately 132 hours a year looking at mind-numbing menus online before deciding what to eat, frequently resulting in the wrong call. Psychologists refer to it as “Choice Overload”. A state when the brain is faced with an overwhelming number of options and struggles to make a decision, often ending up making the wrong call…A study by Dr. Bruce Lipton revealed that the conscious mind can only process 40 bits of information per second, while the subconscious mind processes information at a rate of up to 500,000 times faster. This prompted the idea of helping people connect better with their subconscious mind to find the answers they seek.

Results: Soon after its launch, subconscious ordering became a thing, leaving us with a banquet of new data for more accurate and personal targeting in the future. By helping Saudis awaken their subconscious mind to ordering the food they love, we gained a cosy corner in their conscious mind for years to come.In 2 weeks:2.5M impressions630K portal visits78K new customers 6K new customers per day

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