Saatchi & Saatchi

"Golden Lights"

Client: Solgar
Product: Solgar
Title: Golden Lights
Media: OOH
Country: United Kingdom
Date Of Campaign: 16th January 2023

Background: With a very limited budget, Solgar needed to stand out in a crowded market in order to boost their vitamin sales and brand awareness. To break through in such a competitive category, Solgar briefed us to do more than just talk about the product benefits, they wanted the audience to experience them. This would allow them to position themselves as not just a vitamin brand but also a wellness brand.

Idea: Instead of just promoting the benefits of Solgar’s products, we created a set of billboards that allow people to experience them. We worked with light therapy specialists to create a specific lux and colour of light that best mimics the sun. When looked at, the Golden Lights generate a chemical reaction that helps to boost the mood and serotonin levels.

Results: Our billboards brightened the days of more than 400,000 people in the UK by boosting their mood and serotonin levels. It received 42M earned media impressions from important outlets like The BBC, Yahoo, MSN and The Evening Standard amongst others. The combination of these results led to a 58% rise in Solgar's vitamin D sales during winter, making it one of their top-selling products for the season. Solgar’s website also had a boost in traffic with new users up +10.63% week on week.

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