Client: SPADEL
Product: SPA waters
Title: Placeb'eau
Media: multichannel
Country: Belgium
Date Of Campaign: December 2022

Background: SPA is Belgium’s most iconic mineral water brand and an ambassador of a healthy life since over a thousand year! No, really. The health wellness or ‘SPA’, that you can find in every hotel globally… well, this globally used word knows its origin in, well yes, SPA, a little village in Belgium, with a source containing the purest of all mineral waters. As a brands purpose, SPA is on a mission to make Belgians drink better, to live better. Because when you talk to Belgians about a healthier lifestyle, then 48% thinks about ‘eating better’, 44% thinks about ‘moving better’, but only 8% thinks about ‘drinking better’. Which is why SPA develops that ‘third pillar’ of healthier life.Insight: 2 out 3 Belgians don’t drink enough water. While at the same time, when it comes to our health, we are amongst the biggest pill poppers in the world! So, how do you get Belgians to drink more water?

Idea: How do you get Belgians to drink more water? Yes indeed, there’s a pill for that! While the Placeb’eau pill has many direct health benefits, there's actually nothing in it. NOTHING. But just take it 8 times a day, with a glass of water. Because yes, it's not about the pill but about the water you're having with it.

Results: Placeb’eau was launched across many channels (tic, radio, social, …) and got instant press attention. Over 125.000 pills were distributed in the first 2 weeks (that’s 125.000 glasses of water more consumed in just 2 weeks). They were available for free via online order (at spa.be), in pharmacies all around Belgium and sent directly to family doctors for free distribution to their patients. Since the Placeb’eau launch: ‘Brand meaningfullness’ +15% (source Kantar) Brand differentiation +21% (source Kantar) and Brand power +21% (source Kantar), reaching 13,1% versus waters category 6,1% (source Kantar).

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