Publicis Worldwide Poland

"The Liver Check"

Client: Sanofi
Product: Essentiale
Title: The Liver Check
Media: TVC, Outdoor, Radio, Social Media, Activation
Country: Poland
Date Of Campaign: 01.10.2022 - ongoing

Background: Men in Poland die 8 years earlier than women. The liver is responsible for over 50% of those deaths because when it's damaged it leads to metabolic and cardiologic insuficiencies - The liver doesn't hurt or swell. It has to be regularly tested, especially by those who dine on typical polish cuisine. We found an insight that men don't take care of their health, but they care more about their cars instead.

Idea: There is a law in Poland that makes every car go through a yearly car check-up. We're making men change their habits, by adding a liver checking station at the car control stations. To generate buzz around the subject, we've picked one car control station at which we pranked a few drivers. They thought they're gonna test their cars - we tested their livers as well.

Results: Now men have no excuse - they have to remember about their liver check when they visit the car control station. We're teaching them on how important it is to keep oneself in a good shape by usining the car care analogy. So far we're made over 65 k liver tests, had over 200 m overall impressions and over 800 media publications. We've raised awareness of liver care importance in Poland by 318%!

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