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Head For Change
"Unforgettable Moments"

Client: Head For Change
Product: Dementia Charity
Title: Unforgettable Moments
Media: OOH/Posters
Country: United Kingdom
Date Of Campaign: November 2022

Background: Prolonged heading of the ball throughout a players career means that footballers are 5 times more likely to develop dementia. However it can be hard for people to see the damage heading causes.

Idea: To highlight the effect that repetitive heading has, we show the most memorable moments in football of people who developed dementia.Football's were hit against the images at the average speed a professional would head the ball at thousands of times, representing the average times a player heads the ball during their career. Visualising how the brain becomes damaged over time, and with them, the memories they hold dear.

Results: The campaign reached 264million people within the first month, being featured in news outlets across the UK. With 1.3million people actively engaging with the campaign. The ultimate goal of the campaign was to drive change to the way football is played and trained, through lobbying and highlighting the issue we have seen changes made by the Scottish FA by introducing new rules which ban heading at training before and after matches. As well as new regulations in development with the FA to change the way younger footballers train to minimize heading.

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