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Thai Health Promotion Foundation
"The Experimental"

Client: Thai Health Promotion Foundation
Product: Anti E-Cigarette Campaign
Title: The Experimental
Media: Online Film
Country: Thailand
Date Of Campaign: 01 Sep 2022

Background: Nowadays, E-cigarette are popular among Thai Generation-Z, they smoke with a perception that E-cigarettes are better and safer than actual cigarettes without knowing about how it can be harmful. The brief is Social Marketing for “Thaihealth” organization who stands for good health and good living for Thai people, They want to raise awareness of how E-cigarettes can be harmful to Generation-Z in Thailand by providing the fact from E-cigarette’s research in the way that attracts to Generation-Z the most.

Idea: Information which was presented in research that was published by the Korean Society of Toxicology has shown E-cigarette toxicity affects brain cognitive memory functions and inflammatory responses in mice.The Thai Health Promotion Foundation used the findings of this study to make a point and to convey facts from the other viewpoint through this 3D animation, where the effects of nicotine on the brain after the use of e-cigarettes are demonstrated. The plot centers on Sunny, a lab rat who smokes e-cigarettes daily, and ‘Baifern’ his girlfriend who was waiting at home, questioning his e-cigarette smoke-related symptoms.Thai Health Promotion, along with its foundation and network partners, chose to include real research trial data in this e-cigarette ad so that the target audience, particularly teens, would have all the facts before deciding to start smoking.

Results: This film ignites a conversation the debunks facts regarding e-cigarettes released by the manufacturer that they’re less harmful than cigarettes with no risk of lung cancer and emphysema. However, in fact both types of cigarettes consist of nicotine which causes addiction and hinders brain functions, especially for younger generation. They can become restless and agitated with shorter attention span.This film raised awareness to the mass about the harm of nicotine to our brain, demonstrated by an experiment conducted with a lab rat. Brand perception remains strong as “Thaihealth” always provide revealing facts and always have good intentions to the society. The objective of this film is achieved by changing the perception that Gen-Z has for e-cigarettes, from being fashionable and modern to being harmful to their brains.This campaign became viral in This campaign became viral in just one month with 43.6 million reach and 7.6 million views.

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