MRM New York

"Non-Fungible Testicles"

Client: Movember
Product: NFTs
Title: Non-Fungible Testicles
Country: USA
Date Of Campaign: 4/26/22

Background: Testicular cancer is the most common cancer among young guys. Yet 62% of those who are most at risk don’t know how to check themselves. We needed to raise awareness about the ease and necessity of regular self-exams in an innovative and culturally relevant way. Our objective was to generate awareness for Movember, engage young men on the topic of testicular cancer, and change behavior around testicular-cancer prevention.

Idea: We partnered with iconic NFT artists, MISHKA NYC, to design an exclusive collection of digital artwork inspired by testicles. The drop—launched globally on the Solana blockchain for Testicular Cancer Awareness Month—featured 8,000 custom pieces of Non-Fungible Testicles art and a unique 2-month gameplay experience. A mobile-optimized journey was essential to the collection’s success in the NFT community, which relies heavily on social media, Discord engagement, and crypto wallet connections. Live online AMAs throughout the campaign sparked participation. Our frontend website allowed for both education and a seamless mint process. And a custom-built process logged check-ins and updated NFT metadata with new image assets reflecting bonuses or penalties—an aspect unique to this collection and essential to the entire activation.

Results: Each NFT encourages men to regularly perform a self-exam by rewarding them with an exclusive trait unlock, which makes their art more valuable. This keeps Movember top of mind and instills a habit of self-examination, which helps detect potential health issues early. Through the power of social sharing inherent to the NFT community, showing off one’s NFTs helps spread the word about Movember’s mission and the importance of doing self-exams while the proceeds from each NFT sale go towards testicular cancer.

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