Miami Ad School
"MAD Game Changers"

Client: Miami Ad School
Product: MAD Game Changers Card Game
Title: MAD Game Changers
Media: Card Game deck
Country: Worldwide
Date Of Campaign: 28.01.2022

Background: Decade’s worth of advertising has witnessed some truly groundbreaking ideas. But with so many campaigns launched over the years, students can’t possibly know them all before landing their first job. Aside from big, bulky advertising annuals, there is nothing out there that gives students a quick reference of the industry’s best ideas of all time. So we asked ourselves a simple question: How can we present timeless ideas to a generation that always live “in the now” and need to be constantly entertained? Our idea had to not only be engaging, but also inspire students to come up with the next game-changing idea themselves. We recognise that it’s the students of today that will inherit the creative landscape, and one day, become the industry’s next creative leaders. After all, they can only change the game when they know what the benchmark is.

Idea: We created M.AD Game Changers – an educational “Top Trump” style card game for students across the world today. The convenient pocket-sized deck contains 32 of the industry’s best ideas of all time. Each card (idea) has a short intro as well as a recognisable key visual from the past campaign for students to not only familiarise themselves with, but also memorise. To make the game playable, we carefully selected five categories and rated them on a scale from 1-10: “Could win a Grand Prix today”, “A behaviour changer”, “Brand-building material”, “Worth sharing with non-ad friends”, and “Belongs in the MoMa”.

Results: Alongside the physical game, we also launched a microsite with the final campaign’s case studies, further insight into the ideas, as well as a downloadable version of the game for people to print out the deck.

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