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Client: Samsung
Product: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4
Title: Flipvertising
Media: Digital, Direct, Advertising
Country: Australia
Date Of Campaign: 26 August 2022

Background: The Samsung Galaxy Flip4 is the most innovative smartphone in Australia, a fully foldable device with all the capabilities of a cutting-edge smartphone. Our audience for this device were the internet trend-setters and online influencers that can drive a piece of tech from niche to mainstream.? This savvy audience is increasingly sceptical of advertising and often blind to its effects given their ad-free media consumption, use of ad-blockers and their desire to avoid anything that feels too ‘salesy’. So, to launch the new Galaxy Flip4 device, we knew we had to approach our challenge differently. How could we find a way for people to discover the benefits of the device without just shouting about it in ads??By using data and retargeting in a creative way and turning branded content into a game that GenMZ, the most ad-skeptical generation, want to play. As we noticed more and more conversation on Reddit and other platforms about algorithms and how to avoid or subvert them – we used this insight to power an entirely new style of data-driven campaign that felt of the zeitgeist.? By ‘flipping’ the traditional targeted advertising model on its head, we created a competitive ‘internet sport’ where punters actively sought to get targeted by Samsung ads to win the new Galaxy Flip4 phone.

Idea: ‘Flipvertising’ was about flipping the traditional use of targeted advertising. We seeded humorous online videos with clues that took viewers on a series of searches in the hope of being retargeted by one near impossible to be targeted by pre-roll, which contained our hidden prize - a Galaxy Flip4.? To find the winning ad, clue-hunters needed to search three specific terms via Google that linked to our films. Each film was at first glance an amusing product demo but also contained a clue that drove to the next search term to enter the retargeting pool. Whoever watched all three films went into the final retargeting pool and was served the winning ad as a YouTube pre-roll.?The best part? As people searched to find the right keywords, they inadvertently explored tons of positive content and reviews – created by everyday fans - highlighting the device’s benefits in a non-advertising way.? Challenging a tech-savvy audience to engineer their algorithm into showing them only Samsung content seemed like a great idea in theory. But in reality, the data-driven strategy of flipping the Google ad targeting model on its head was a technical minefield: exactly how many unique users do you need in a combined audience to retarget on DV360? Is that number different if you buy YouTube via Google Ads instead? How long does it take for Google to review a low volume search term before it decides whether a keyword carries eligible impressions? What is the theoretical number of custom audiences you can combine??? For the technical aspects of the strategy, we worked closely with search platform partner Google to ensure the campaign strategy would work from theory into execution and to tightly control the data in the trading platforms at a manual level.? The success of retargeting campaigns is almost always about scale and efficiency, so to lead users to hidden content and ads presented a unique challenge. In the end it was more about a combination of data art and science over platform protocol.? With such a technical, data-led execution, understanding the impact of extremely small targeting pools whilst ensuring the data integrity and technical requirements to ensure ads fired correctly within the timeframe was an incredible feat of data engineering.?? Ultimately in flipping the technology to serve a single advert, we found an incredible creative use of data whilst sending our audience on a free-wheeling exploration of UGC content that celebrated the new Z Flip4 features.?? Through a campaign built on knowledge of ad targeting but executed very differently from the norm, we gave our audience the opportunity to experience more content than any traditional targeted campaign could ever have achieved.?

Results: Marketing science tells us that winning in search often means winning in market. The launch of ‘Flipvertising’ had 41% higher search interest than the far better funded ‘Unpacked’ global product announcement, driving 185,400 unique searches - with only $500K media support.? But how do we know that lift was for ‘Flipvertising’? Flip and Fold launched together but there was no corresponding lift for Fold, despite being the more popular device. So whilst Fold had 54% higher search volumes than Flip at ‘Unpacked’; at the launch of ‘Flipvertising’, Flip had 74% higher search volumes than Fold.?? During the campaign, ‘Flipvertising’ was the top trending search in relation to Galaxy Flip4.? Engagement in search was 6x benchmark for paid and 2x benchmark for organic. Engagement in social was more than 3x that of all other Pre-Order creative.?? Most critically, Flip4 sales lifted by a whopping 32% week-on-week following the campaign launch.?

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