Leo Burnett Beirut

Procter & Gamble
"Not Hot Periodwear Collection"

Client: Procter & Gamble
Product: Always
Title: Not Hot Periodwear Collection
Media: Instagram / Tik Tok / Snapshat / Nasiba Hafiz' website / Pop-Up Stores
Country: Saudi Arabia / GCC
Date Of Campaign: August 31, 2022

Background: Summer in KSA is intolerably hot. Temperatures can rise to 50C /114F. It’s uncomfortable for everyone, so most aspects of Saudi life such as ACs, cars, and infrastructure, have been designed to cope with these temperatures. One segment of the population has been overlooked; women, specifically women on their period, who are dealing with this heat in addition to rising body temperature, suffocating pads, and dark layers of clothes, making summers unbearable for them.Our brief was to communicate the benefits and drive trial of the Always Cool&Dry pad, the first pad in the region designed with a heat repellent technology. While this was a much-needed innovation, the challenge was to launch this new product, with the hype it deserved in a region where periods and women’s bodies are still taboo, and any conversation surrounding them happens behind closed doors.

Idea: We looked beyond the product story and saw an opportunity to solve a hyper local problem: women dealing with the scorching summer heat while on their period. The fabric of the pad cools a part of women’s bodies, what if the same fabric could cool all their bodies? What if we reimagined how women on their periods deal with the Saudi heat?We created the ultimate solution for women to not be hot on their periods: the“Not Hot Periodwear”, the first ever designer Periodwear inspired by and made from the same material as the Cool&Dry pad. Periodwear is not only clothes, it also includes accessories such as branded car seat covers, driving gloves, and biking shorts so women can brave the heat in style. Every item defied taboos, by being a bold, visible and a colorful demo of the Cool&Dry pad.

Results: During the period August 31 to October 31, 2022, the below results were recorded:• 18 million Gen Z reached• 32.4 million views• 100% positive sentiment• 75.5% Gen Z awareness• +5.9% increase in perception as a brand that increases girls’ confidence• +80% purchase intent• 111 times faster growth in salesWith the Not Hot Collection, we not only created a fashion statement, but we also fired up an entire generation to fashionably embrace their period instead of hiding it.

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