Over the Bloody Moon

Over the Bloody Moon

Client: Over the Bloody Moon
Product: Corporate menopause support service
Title: MenoVest
Media: Events
Country: United Kingdom
Date Of Campaign: June 2022

Background: When it comes to menopause in the workplace, there is still stigma, embarrassment, and shame, causing women to hold themselves back from promotion, suffer in silence, or worse, leave their jobs.Over The Bloody Moon is on a mission to smash the menopause taboo by providing education events to organisations. However, they noticed it was mainly women experiencing menopause that showed up to their sessions. They wanted to find a way to provoke intersectional conversation and build allyship across businesses.

Idea: MenoVest is an immersive experience where we get to see how men fare at work when faced with a hot flush, one of the most disruptive symptoms of menopause. It is used to cultivate conversations, develop empathy, and build allyship around menopause.Trialists are also encouraged to take part in a challenge that simulates other symptoms and share their experience. MenoVest is an effective and innovative way to engage an alienated audience. It transformed the way men think and behave towards those impacted by menopause.

Results: Its impact has been profound, leading to male advocacy and a rethink on how they can better support those through menopause. It got the nation talking and has encouraged companies to invest in menopause support services, even in Parliament.With zero PR spend, MenoVest generated:1 Front Page News12 TV & Radio Shows15 National Press16 Hot Politicians50+ MenoVest Events314% Annual Growth60.4M Media Impressions

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