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"KFC’s Left-Handed Drumstick"

Client: KFC Australia
Product: KFC’s All New Left-Handed Drumstick
Title: KFC’s Left-Handed Drumstick
Media: Mobile, Digital OOH, Audio, Tinder, Social
Country: Australia
Date Of Campaign: October 19-30 2022

Background: KFC had a problem. They had updated their Mobile App and needed more customers ordering from it. To get more people on the app, they needed something innovative, something crazy, something that would change fried chicken forever. But, when you've fried chicken to perfection for almost 70 years it's impossible to think you can innovate any further. But that was before they discovered that 11% of Australians are left-handed and saw it as an opportunity to turn something iconic into something new. Enter, the Left-Handed Drumstick, a game-changing new product.

Idea: As we were releasing the world’s first Left-Handed Drumstick naturally we had to create the world’s first left-handed radio ads to promote them. And no details were missed in crafting this piece. To create a left-handed soundscape, our VO was only recorded on the Left-Side speaker. But the craft didn’t end there… From the get go we ensured everything about the production was left-handed. Left-handed talent, left-handed studio – the copywriter even wrote the script with just his left hand. It took much longer but final product made it worth it.

Results: This campaign boosted app downloads by 67% with 97,435 new installs during the campaign period. There was a 39% increase in daily app transactions, with left-handed items selling out in minutes! Based on projections of the annual impact post campaign, we are on track to deliver 111k+ in incremental transactions for the year. That’s an uplift of 16%! This amounts to over USD$1.9m in incremental revenue driven during the campaign period and subsequent 12 months. That’s a $2.20 return for every marketing dollar spent. Our Brand Buzz score was +1.6 points above KFC’s average score in October 2022 (17.8) and +2.2 points above average in November 2022. The total reach of the campaign exceeded our expectations, with 112 pieces of coverage and 104 million in media reach.

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