"Furphy, What The Truck?!"

Client: Furphy
Product: Beer
Title: Furphy, What The Truck?!
Media: OOH
Country: Australia
Date Of Campaign: 27/4/22

Background: (Important note: Furphy, is an Aussie beer brand that also means an absurd, unbelievable story or tall-tale).Furphy wanted to launch their new Crisp Lager, however, the Australian beer industry is made up of around 350 brewers and microbreweries. In order to stand out in a saturated market with a limited budget and ignite the watercooler conversation, not to mention getting people to sample their crisp liquid, they themselves needed to do something truly unbelievable. In short, we needed an unbelievable, instagramable activation that sparked the imagination and thirst of beer drinkers.

Idea: To combat the sea of sameness, Furphy devised a plan to create a visual furphy of their own. The billboard/tall-tale came in the form of a 7.8 tonne, Furphy ‘Crisp Lager’-branded truck upturned onto its back and wedged perfectly between two buildings in Sydney’s CBD. Furphy brought an internationally-celebrated installation artist onboard to construct and then sneak the truck into tight space. With the hazard lights flicked on and cases of lager scattered around its base for extra authenticity, it was time for the sun to rise and the show to begin. As morning commuters made their way to work, the sight of the truck literally stopped them in their tracks.

Results: Within hours, images and CCTV footage of the truck had travelled around the country (this includes more than 172k active likes on TikTok content and 3.9m impressions on Twitter). Media coverage of the beer reached over 25 million impressions (20,196,826 earned, 5,119,090 paid), being covered in some of the most popular news sources for young people (the campaign smashed digital content benchmarks: 4x guaranteed page views on the PedestrianTV platform and double the average article dwell time across publications, +579% of social impressions than the average Ladbible article, Betoota Advocate gave 308k social impressions) to the massive news story juggernauts (The Australian, DailyMail, etc), taking Crisp Lager from unknown to the most talked about beer in the country.

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Ambient / Guerilla / OOH