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Thai Health Promotion Foundation
"New World"

Client: Thai Health Promotion Foundation
Product: Healthy Food Promotion Plan
Title: New World
Media: Film
Country: Thailand
Date Of Campaign: 1 December 2022

Background: In Thailand, non-communicable diseases (NCDs) are the top cause of death. Over 7 million people have chronic kidney disease, 40,000 people die from heart failure, and 500,000 people become paralysed from the habit of consuming excessive daily sodium. Thus, the Thai Health Promotion Foundation attempted to create fear about excessive daily sodium intake through the previous campaigns advertising campaigns. However, these ads were disliked by Thai people and turned them off the content. As the result from the research shows that the average Thai person still consumes more than one teaspoon of sodium per day, which is twice the amount recommended by the WHO organization. This is due to the habit of consuming instant and frozen foods from convenience stores throughout Thailand.Therefore, how can we pinpoint the causes and encourage Thais to consume less sodium?

Idea: We delve deeper into Thai culture; the Thai Health Promotion Foundation has decided to take an entertaining approach to educate Thais about the dangers of excessive sodium intake and the risks of consuming frozen and instant foods.We use the space-themed to capture people’s attention and twist it with dark comedy as the film that encourages Thais to be sodium-aware and rethink their diet: “Less sodium, less disease.” By featuring the space travellers who travel for many years to find the new world and survive amidst the chaos. They won’t starve to death due to the frozen foods, yet when they reach the destination, there is no one alive, indicating that sodium can be stored to death.

Results: As recognized throughout social media and community application, this film is currently going viral, especially on the Line application, which Thai people usually use for updating and forwarding real-time news. Moreover, it receives a lot of positive feedback on marketing websites such as Marketech-Apac (, The Drum (, Marketing Oops ( are excited to watch this ad, we gain gross rating point (GRP) 27% more than previous campaign on the Thai Health Promotion Foundation. We gain more than 84 M. impressions, 6 M.+ view and +70 PR compares with the previous campaign.The campaign has been successful in reminding millions of Thais to take care of their health and not downplay the real risks of consuming high-sodium frozen and instant foods, and ultimately reduce consumption.

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