Client: Essity
Product: Bodyform/Libresse
Title: #periodsomnia
Media: Online
Country: UK
Date Of Campaign: June 2022

Background: We were tasked with gaining market share for Libresse in the night-time segment. Given Libresse is a challenger, this meant getting our audience, women+ aged 16-54, to abandon their current brand (in most markets, the P&G behemoth Always), and take a chance on us. The challenge lay in persuading this diverse range of women, from teenagers to the perimenopausal, that Libresse’s Cour-V Technology was the protection they needed.

Idea: Periodsomnia was more than just a film, it coined a term to make sense of all the struggles women+ go through at night around their periods. In a category that treated women as sleeping beauties, we represented women in all their authentic glory. We shed a light into the dark with our thermal camera, opening the world’s eyes to the reality of periods at night and the efficacy of Libresse’s Goodnight Towels work. With a powerful claim, ‘maximum protection for any sleeping position,’ we spoke to the spread-eagled reality of how we sleep and how hard we need our pad to work. Periodsomnia reconciled product and purpose; contributing to market share gains and breaking taboos.Periodsomnia is Libresse’s first truly globally validated campaign. It has run in Europe, the Middle East, and will soon be live across South America and China. The insights we show in the campaign – the 3am pad change, the changing of bedsheets, the killing pain with pleasure and pills – are born of a survey of more than 10,000 women+ across the globe. The nuances and micro-insights are deliberately designed to be resonant with all women+, no matter where they are in the world

Results: n/a

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