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Harold's Barber & Tattoo
"Harold's HealthCut"

Client: Harold's Barber & Tattoo
Product: HealthCut
Title: Harold's HealthCut
Media: Online, OOH, Event
Country: Slovakia
Date Of Campaign: July - September 2022

Background: Tick-borne diseases are issue in Slovakia. For the last years, we are breaking records in cases of Encephalitis and Lyme borreliosis. Public Health authority regularly calls for prevention in the forms of repellants, wearing long clothes and vaccinations.

Idea: Because ticks like to hide and attack on the head (the hairy part and behind the ears), and because of the odor they are attracted more by men, we introduced a new, very simple prevention - cutting the hair short. We launched HealthCut - a special hair cut with shortened hair behind ears, so people can spot ticks much sooner, remove it quickly and prevent diseases.Through various public activities around the summer, we raised awareness of this new form of prevention. We teamed up with Bratislava Public Services and mowed the high grass in the city parks with a mower in the shape of a hair trimmer.To protect hikers, we opened the first pop-up barbershop directly next to the hiking trail.

Results: During campaign, Harold’s customer base has almost doubled (+39,8 % increase in new regular customers). New customers will generate additional annual revenue of 42.000 Eur. Barbershop even employed a fourth barber (girl) from Ukraine to satisfy the demand.

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