Forsman&Bodenfors Singapore

"Drivers' Spooky Stories"

Client: Gojek
Product: Gojek
Title: Drivers' Spooky Stories
Media: Audio
Country: Singapore
Date Of Campaign: 10/18/2022

Background: Gojek is a foreign challenger ride-hailing company in a country dominated by local giant Grab. Along the years, Gojek has built awareness and demand by proving it understands Singaporeans' interests and can meet their needs. In 2022, it saw in the country's obsession with ghost stories an opportunity and we were tasked to create a campaign that galvanised users on and around Halloween.In Singapore, the macabre permeates art forms from temple paintings to literature and pop culture. The country's top selling writer, a mysterious figure called Russell Lee, has penned 27 instalments of a series called True Singapore Ghost Stories. Theme park Haw Par Villa hosts an attraction titled The 10 Courts of Hell. On the seventh Lunar calendar month, the country observes ghost month.

Idea: Interest for horror podcasts spikes around Halloween. People are craving scary stories and we have great storytellers: cab drivers. Often driving late into the night and to the strangest locations, our drivers have had some pretty eerie encounters. We packaged the 12 scariest ones into a podcast and promoted it with an integrated campaign, capturing headlines and 100000 listeners along the way.The podcast ran on Spotify, where it was accessible to all audiences. It was promoted on radio plugs, OOH around the locations where the stories took place, social media and as in-app easter eggs.

Results: Over 100,000 listeners reached.

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