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"Mind Games - The Experiment"

Client: ASICS
Product: ASICS
Title: Mind Games - The Experiment
Media: Amazon Prime Video
Country: Global
Date Of Campaign: 19/01/2023

Background: ASICS believes that exercise benefits your mental health as much as you physical health. Its tagline is 'Sound Mind, Sound Body.'

Idea: We conducted an experiment to see if gamers (esports, chess, memory sports & Mahjong) would perform better in their mind games after then had been put through a programme of exercises.

Results: It's very early days as we only went live in January, so we have only a limited amount of data. But we are delighted with the response so far. 25.6 million trailer views 295 articles generated in EMEA  - the most articles of any brand campaign. (Our target for the whole of 2023 is 600)Articles secured in national and influential media, led to a very high reach of 771 million. (Target was 500 million)ASICS dominated the media agenda, securing 97% Share of Voice for “Mind” related stories in our target media. (Target was 85%)Coverage secured has an advertising value of 1.6 million euros.The results of the Experiment itself were staggering:Gaming rankings improved by an incredible 75%. Cognitive function boosted on average by 10%. Confidence levels increased by 44%.Concentration improved by 33%. And anxiety levels plummeted by 43%.

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