Accenture Song Brand Spain S.L.U

Accenture Song
"On the road again"

Client: Accenture Song
Product: Accenture Song
Title: On the road again
Media: video, direct mail, PR
Country: Spain
Date Of Campaign: 8/07/22

Background: Shackleton was founded in January of 2004. With dedication and effort, it became the largest independent Spanish agency. Today, 18 years later, it has a new name: Accenture Song. To announce this key shift, its entire team, made up of more than 180 professionals, wished to pay tribute to its name since its foundation through "On the road again", a campaign stressing that what really matters is not the name, but rather the work behind it, and the professionals who earned its recognition; and that essence will remain the same

Idea: The agency opts for a tribute tinged with humor to announce its name change. To communicate the firm's integration into the Accenture Song brand, a communication plan was launched that, in addition to the spot (that features cameos by iconic figures in the advertising world), email marketing and direct marketing directed at customers, friends and suppliers. This last piece includes a limited-edition, numbered metal key ring made from the letters of the different "Shackleton" signs that graced the facades of its different locations. The keyring, featuring the Accenture Song logo, represents the integration of both the agency's name change, the momentum inherited from all its experience and work in its previous years, to turn it, as they put it in their mailing message, "into something every bit as extraordinary as we've always been."

Results: The campaign was well received by the sector:- +20 impacts in national media. - Organic impressions of publications on own channels: 80,112. - Organic views of the spot: +4K- Total interactions on own channels: 7,180- Engagement Rate of own channels: 10.61%- And it´s generated a positive conversation around the new name.-

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