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"Resilience Road"

Client: Suncorp
Product: Insurance
Title: Resilience Road
Media: TV/OLV/Cinema/Print/OOH/Radio/Online Audio/Social/Display/Suncorp Website/On the street in Rockhampton/PR – Today Show integration/Partnerships: The Block, Grand Designs
Country: Australia
Date Of Campaign: 25th April 2022

Background: Each year in Australia, we see homes destroyed and billions spent on rebuilding due to severe weather events. And even more troubling is that these are now occurring with more ferocity and frequency.There have been more Category-5 cyclones in the last 20 years than in the preceding 100. Severe flooding is occurring 30% more often in the Pacific region. And calamitous bushfire seasons are starting earlier, and burning for longer.In other words, Australian homes simply aren’t built to withstand Australian weather. In 2020 alone, 134,000 homes were damaged.To break the cycle, Suncorp Insurance shifted its long term strategy from one of supporting ‘recovery’ to one of enabling ‘resilience’. This has led to multiple brand acts and industry-leading products that are shaping the insurance landscape in Australia.This case demonstrates the ability of strategy and creativity to not only influence a category, or even a business, but also its capacity to tackle the biggest problems facing the world today.

Idea: We took one of Australia's most vulnerable streets and made it one of the strongest. We analysed each home on a disaster-prone street in Queensland, and applied the scientific learnings and techniques from 'One House to Save Many' to make each home more resilient to bushfires, floods and cyclones. Turning ‘Bowen St’ into 'Resilience Rd’.The campaign was designed to teach Australians the value of resilience and how to make their homes stronger in the face of increasing extreme weather. And to continue to position Suncorp as an industry leader in resilience.‘Resilience Rd’ is a continuation of Suncorp’s long term commitment to making Australian homes resilient in the face of climate change. Previously, ideas like ‘One House to Save Many’ have set the benchmark for what a resilient home looks like, and insurance products like ‘Build it Back Better’ and ‘Cyclone Resilience Benefit’ enable and incentivise more resilient homes.

Results: The campaigns have sparked a national conversation around resilience: LONG TERM BUSINESS IMPACT:The strategy has led to multiple industry-first resilience based products. Including ‘Build it Back Better’ and ‘Cyclone Resilience Benefit’. 75% increase in home policy growth.Consideration amongst non-customers of Suncorp up 38% to #26.2% increase in new policies 24.6% increase in quotes7.3% increase in market share 11.6% increase in new business NPS grew from 6.4 to 14.4.LONG TERM CULTURAL IMPACT:Led by Suncorp, the Insurance Council of Australia has since launched Project Resilience, which aims to embed resilience into the National Construction Code by 2025.The Federal Government announced a $600m resilience fund for new disaster mitigation programs.The campaigns were covered across all major news outlets and current affairs programs, with the ‘One House’ documentary airing multiple times on TV.A partnership with ‘The Block’ embedded the idea of ‘Resilience’ into Australia’s most popular TV show. The city of Rockhampton officially co-named the street Resilience Road, with a permanent sign.The competition have since leant into the idea of ‘resilience’, even creating their own ‘storm proof’ homes.

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