Lola Mullenlowe

Unilever - Magnum
"The Kiss of Dante & Beatrice"

Client: Unilever - Magnum
Product: Magnum Ice Cream
Title: The Kiss of Dante & Beatrice
Media: TV / Online
Country: Italy, Worldwide
Date Of Campaign: 07/06/2021

Background: Magnum Italy was going to launch for Dante’s 700th death anniversary an ice cream line based on his most important piece: The Divine Comedy. Therefore, besides a campaign that promoted their newly made ice creams, the brand wanted to honor the great writer and contribute to Italian culture. Hence, they built everything around the brand positioning: pleasure.

Idea: 700 hundred years ago the greatest referent on Italian literature, Dante Alighieri, fell in love with Beatrice Portinari. Ever since then, Beatrice became his muse, guiding him in his most important piece “The Divine Comedy”. Unfortunately, that love never came to life. Until today. 700 years after, Magnum and Roberto Ferri, the pope’s portraitist, created an artwork showing the kiss that Beatrice and Dante never had. For a month, people could physically visit the portrait at Palazzo Firenze in Rome, at the official headquarters of Dante Alighieri’s Society. Subsequently, they will be able to do it in April at the prestigious Italian museum Scuderie del Quirinale.

Results: 700 years ago, the greatest contributor to Italian literature, Dante Alighieri, fell in love with Beatrice Portinari. She became his muse, but their love never came to fruition. 700 years after the death of Dante, Magnum, as a brand that defends pleasure, partnered with Roberto Ferri to create an original artwork of the kiss that Dante and Beatrice never shared, giving them the pleasure they never had and making history of the Italian art.

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