Burger Brands Belgium - Quick
"Giant NFT"

Client: Burger Brands Belgium - Quick
Product: Fastfood chain
Title: Giant NFT
Media: Online
Country: Belgium
Date Of Campaign: 23/11/2022

Background: Fastfood chain Quick is looking for a creative way to end its 50th birthday with a bang. Through those 50 years, the iconic Giant has been omnipresent asa pieces heritage and should as such be an important part of the campaign, intent to maximise brand awareness and, even more, engagement among the different communities with a larger focus on younger and digitally-savvy audiences.

Idea: Ending its 50th birthday with a bang resulted in selling the secret Giant sauce recipe that's been unknown or fifty years. We did this in the form of an NFT, Non-Fungible Token, voiced by the CEO of Quick who knows the recipe, re-interpreted as a digital art piece. Sold online on foundation.app, an exclusive NFT marketplace. A teaser was done, activating crypto-enthusiast as spokespeople.

Results: #1 trending auction on foundation.app52 000 unique visitors on auction day3 out of 10 Belgians reachedWebsite visits x 10

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