Client: Canon
Product: Camera & Print material
Title: ReStory
Media: Photography, Film, Outdoor,
Country: Belgium
Date Of Campaign: 25/10/2022

Background: July 2021, Belgium experienced the most destructive floods in its history. The damage caused by the deluge was enormous, including tens of thousands of damaged photos. Although these do not represent a lot of financial value, their emotional value is priceless. So how could Canon deliver a valuable contribution in the emotional recovery of the flood-affected area, in sync with its purpose.

Idea: Thousands of flood damaged photos, a tragedy at the heart of Canon''s core business: photographs. So, in sync with its purpose Canon decided to introduce a truly heartwarming initiative, ReStory. A project designed to restore all flood damaged photos. Free of charge. Because photos are memories. And memories are too precious to lose when you already lost everything in the devastating floods.

Results: Over 50.000 flood damaged photos were entered. In total, so far, over 10.000 pictures have been restored. And returned. Currently, and for the next few months, the restoration will continue to go strong. Until all entered flood damaged photos that can be restored, are restored.

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