"Happy Colours To You"

Client: Audi
Product: Audi Innovative Thinking
Title: Happy Colours To You
Media: Innovation
Country: Spain
Date Of Campaign: 01.09.2021 - 01.09.2022

Background: Every year Audi creates a special birthday present for members of Audi Innovative Thinking, the brand’s innovation platform. Based on the new “Future is an attitude” positioning and bearing in mind that a birthday is a symbolic step into the future, we wanted to create a work that would focus on technology and encourage members to view the world in a more innovative and experimental way. Which is why we decided to work together with Neil Harbisson, an artist who became the world’s first officially renowned cyborg after having an antenna implanted that encodes light frequencies and transforms them into vibrations to turn them into sounds.

Idea: How could we experience the way in which Neil hears colours and perceives his surroundings? The answer to this question inspired us to create “Happy Colour to You”, a series of illustrations with completely different styles, but with the same range of colours and with a common pattern: its composition consisted of a pentagram that allowed you to move over it and hear notes using your mobile phone. To do so, we used the source code of Harbisson’s antenna and created software that associated each colour with a musical note. This way, using any smartphone, you could move over the surface and hear the song. This is how we created the first version of “Happy Birthday” played through colours

Results: “Happy Colour to You” is an ongoing action and is currently being distributed among a selection of 140 members and influencers. With this message, we are encouraging them to view the world in a different way and are positioning the brand as a company committed to the future. Because in order to continue innovating and building a better future, it is important to change our perspective.

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