Wunderman Thompson

"Hidden Gyms"

Client: GymKuma
Product: GymKuma Activewear
Title: Hidden Gyms
Media: Outdoor
Country: Jordan
Date Of Campaign: Nov 4th - 2021

Background: According to a Bloomberg research, Jordan is the 5th and Jordanian women are 2nd in obesity rates worldwide.A small 5.7% of the population are considered active fitness community. Active as in they go to the gym and can afford the membership fees.and Gyms are the place where our competitors - AKA industry giants - rule. And as a new brand, we have a limited budget to launch. we couldn’t be at the gym or attract the picky fitness community.

Idea: Big sportswear brands knows everything about sports. thats true. but when it comes to Jordan and Jordanian. we know more. it is our hometown after all.Amman, an old city built over seven hills.And in it's distinctive landscape and a tough topography. we found our own playground hiding in plain sight.Hidden Gyms:We turned Amman into the biggest urban gym ever. 1680 KM2.Free Membership. Unlimited Access.In partnership with fitness experts..We calculated distances. Identified safe straights. Measured the inclines. And counted steps and calories. Then we branded the city with the most recognizable urban tool..informative street plaques guiding pedestrian with custom made exercise plan for each location.

Results: for a 380$ spent on plaques. we got a lot of attention:Citizens got more active, groups located new meeting points, and athletes found outdoor workout gyms.+ 3.243,000 impressions+360,000$ Earned Media (Based on traditional media for campaigns with the same duration and visibility)+587,000$ in PR Value."Local sportswear brand helps Amman residents adapt healthy lifestyle via “Hidden Gyms”The Jordan Times"GYMKUMA’s “Hidden Gyms” initiative: A creative approach to using Amman’s Roads and Stairs to Encourage Exercise and healthy practices"MENA NF "GYMKUMA Gets Jordan Moving"Albawaba News

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