"The dotted i''s."

Client: Melanoompunt
Product: Melanoma
Title: The dotted i''s.
Media: Print
Country: Belgium
Date Of Campaign: 22/07/2021

Background: The number of people getting melanoma continues to rise; melanoma is now the fifth most common form of cancer in Belgium. The Belgian Cancer Registry reports in its figures an estimated annual increase of 5.5% for men and 4.6% for women. Melanoma is a form of cancer that usually starts in the skin, in a mole, or in normal-looking skin. They usually look like a dark spot or an abnormal new mole. 74% of melanoma patients are in stage I at diagnosis. Compared to other cancers, melanoma is visible cancer. So, you can check your own skin for new birthmarks or birthmarks that are getting bigger. But unfortunately too few Belgians do this, which is why we are highlighting this subject in an impactful way.

Idea: Throughout the newspaper, we adapted the typography in the article headlines by replacing the dots on the ā€˜iā€™ with a subtle melanoma. The melanomas were added manually because it was a subtle balance between overlooking it and seeing it the second time around. This creative use of typography effected a one-to-one experience with the reader, showing how easy it is to overlook melanoma, the main cause of skin cancer. The adaptation of the newspaper headlines was done in a collaboration between the agency designers and the newspaper editors because this idea involved modifying real news articles.

Results: The main objective of this campaign was to create awareness around the problem and to motivate people to scan their skin more often. With an average of 470.000 readers a day we reached almost 8% of the country.

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