Maxx Flash
"The Killer Pack"

Client: Maxx Flash
Product: Mosquito repellent coils & pack
Title: The Killer Pack
Media: Packaging
Country: India
Date Of Campaign: 18 February 2022

Background: India was facing the biggest outbreak in mosquito related cases of Dengue and Malaria. Maxx Flash a mosquito repellent brand wanted to help. Its range of mosquito repellent products provided relief inside the home, but the real problem was outside. Garbage collection points were acting as breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Maxx flash wanted to step outside home and help fight the mosquito menace.

Idea: Maxx Flash introduced The Killer Pack. This 100% bio-degradable packaging lined and printed with 5% Active Probiotic Bacillus thuringiensis kills mosquito larvae when disposed in garbage dumps, dustbins, garden ponds, stagnant water, stormwater drains. This innovative packaging kills larvae outside the house while the non-toxic coil fights mosquitoes inside, breaking the vicious cycle.

Results: Localities using the killer pack saw reduction in disease causing larvae. Communities in towns of Salaya, Mevasa, and Bhunga Okha saw 82%, 59%, 76% reduction of Anopheles larvae which causes Malaria respectively. Additionally Jamdeveliya, Bhanvad and Movan reported 68%, 42%, 38% decrease in Dengue causing Aedes larvae. This helped increase the brand loyalty in these locations.

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