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"Z Flip Pocket Denim"

Client: Samsung
Product: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 Phone
Title: Z Flip Pocket Denim
Media: Media - Social, Online Video, OOH, PR
Country: Australia
Date Of Campaign: 01 November 2021

Background: In Australia, Apple has a cult following but Samsung launches struggle to get attention. To launch Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip3, a phone that folds to half the size of the competition, we needed an idea that could cut through the apathy and add clout to a traditional, feature-heavy campaign already in market. When people search ‘my phone is too…’, ‘big’ is the number one query. Apple had no comparative folding device to address this pain point, giving Samsung permission to make a big deal about being small.

Idea: Instead of launching the phone, we launched something to get people talking. In partnership with Dr Denim, Samsung designed and launched jeans with tiny, Z Flip3 sized pockets that wouldn’t fit any other phone. Celebrating Z Flip3’s folding form ‘Z Flip Pocket Denim’ were provocatively priced at $1,499 (the price of the phone) but came with a free device. Cheekily targeting Apple users, the campaign launching the jeans ran across OOH, online film and social.

Results: Local earned media coverage in Australia accounted for 3,077,00 million in reach, with reporting publications including Vogue, Harper's Bazaar and WhistleOut. The global audience increased our results with 234 pieces of content generated with an earned social reach of 11,188,451 across 12 countries. We saw 8.8M views of assets, across YouTube and Instagram with an overwhelmingly positive engagement recorded. In the 3 weeks after the campaign (Nov 1 - Nov 21), visits to the Flip3 increased by 118% with a key 170% proportionate uplift in Apple users viewing the Galaxy Z Flip3. In the 2 weeks after the campaign there was a recorded 51% uplift in Z Flip3 e-Comm sales. We saw a big jump in e-comm sales from our last Flip phone launch to this one: 800% Uplift in e-Comm Units YOY 623% uplift in e-comm revenue YOY

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