Mars Wrigley Australia
"The Internet Is Not The Internet When It's Hungry"

Client: Mars Wrigley Australia
Product: Snickers
Title: The Internet Is Not The Internet When It's Hungry
Media: online
Country: Australia
Date Of Campaign: 07/09/2021

Background: SNICKERS were losing relevance in their key 18-34 year-old demographic. They needed a fresh, digitally-focussed idea to express their famous brand platform, “You're not you when you’re hungry” to this digital-native audience. Normally, marketers would use data to make online ads hyper-targeted and contextual to reach this audience. But this SNICKERS campaign grabbed attention by doing the exact opposite…

Idea: With only a small budget to spend, we found a cultural entry point into the brief that was on the radar of our tech-obsessed audience - the end of third party cookies. Cookie data was disappearing, the internet was getting ‘hungry’ - and THE INTERNET IS NOT THE INTERNET WHEN IT’S HUNGRY. Like hungry people, the Hungry Internet was confused. It fed users ads that grabbed attention by being the opposite of what they’d expect to see in any situation. To do this, we studied audience data related to interests, online habits, and the kind of comms they usually see, then flipped it to create our Hungry Ads.We then used 4 streams of live data (search, location, time, and weather) as triggers to serve the anti-targeted, Hungry Ads in real time. Hungry Ads appeared everywhere our audience browsed online, from page takeovers to banners, to pop-up videos, and they all ended with a branded warning - Don’t get hungry like the internet. Have a SNICKERS.

Results: On video formats, the anti-targeted Hungry Ads cut through, keeping the attention of viewers with a video completion rate of 84%, well above the industry average. Our high impact digital display units across premium placements generated 40% more reach than the initial spend put behind them, showing that the Hungry Ads stood out by not fitting in. Campaign creative also generated a 20% view through rate on our Twitter, well above the industry standard, and exceeded overall media performance with 39.67 million total impressions.

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