"Book of Limbo"

Client: Belong
Product: Telecommunications
Title: Book of Limbo
Media: OMD, Howatson+Company
Country: Australia
Date Of Campaign: 20/09/2021

Background: In late 2021, the world was abuzz with the new iPhone 13 announcement. Which Australian telco Belong saw as an opportunity to build their own brand awareness and get SIM cards into new phones.So, we solved a problem every new phone owner experiences. Phone limbo. That sudden period of disconnection that happens when your new device starts transferring all your data from your old one. A time without memes, factoids and other internet wonders.

Idea: The Book of Limbo is the world’s first offline online wormhole, designed to keep you entertained while stranded between phones. It channels the wonder of the internet into 120 pages of original art – brought to life with 3D, illustration, photography and GAN technology. Just like a real internet wormhole, each page links to the next – covering such topics as reverse centaurs, royal conspiracies and whale poop facts. It even includes the entirety of Alice in Wonderland. On the last page is a free $80 Belong SIM card, designed to help you explore real, internet wormholes just as your phone lights up again.

Results: This campaign earned 23+ million impressions, a 400% uplift in site traffic and heaps more brand consideration, with +50% purchase intent for those who saw the campaign.

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