Forsman & Bodenfors

"Sea Level Re-Boot"

Client: Tretorn
Product: Boot
Title: Sea Level Re-Boot
Media: Print, PR, Online
Country: Sweden
Date Of Campaign: November 17th, 2021

Background: According to the IPCC, sea levels will rise at least 26 cm by 2050. The apparel and footwear industry is responsible for more CO2 than all aviation and boat transport combined. Tretorn is committed to doing their part – from spring 2022 all new boots will be made of certified natural rubber and recycled polyester. To highlight this milestone and position Tretorn as a sustainable brand, we created a new product. The Sea Level Re-Boot features a measuring stick to highlight rising sea levels. All proceeds went to Sea Life Trust’s important work for the oceans and marine life.Tretorn is a classic Swedish outdoor and footwear brand founded in 1891. From the spring collection 2022, Tretorn's best-selling product – the rubber boot – will be made of recycled polyester and certified natural rubber. For this campaign, they wanted to revitalize the brand and highlight the company's sustainability work to reach a conscious target group interested in sustainable fashion.

Idea: The Sea Level Re-Boot is a concrete product that clearly visualizes the long-term effects of the climate crisis. A small design addition to an ordinary boot, which helped create an understanding of one of the biggest challenges of our time. The everyday rubber boot as a messenger for real change. The activation was built on a concrete product, which then became the core of the entire campaign.In our camping assets, the goal was to create a monochrome visual world, giving the boot the lead role surrounded by water. Through dark and dramatic imagery, we portrayed the water as threatening and alarming, but also beautiful. A 500 liter water tank was built in a studio, where all asstes were produced. All images were taken in camera, with minimal retouching – no CGI and no stock images.

Results: The story was published in several of the world's largest fashion magazines – including Vogue, Glamour and Chinese Sohu. The PR work resulted in hundreds of articles and thousands of social mentions, with a total reach of over 74 million. A global story about a boot that shows the effects of the climate crisis, and a company that takes sustainability seriously.

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