Client: MINI
Product: MINI
Title: MINImalism
Media: Print Ads, OOH, POS
Country: United Arab Emirates
Date Of Campaign: 4/28/2021

Background: In recent years, car manufacturers adopted trend after trend. And the whole industry is going through an incredible technology shift. As a result, car ads are full of hard-to-get terminology and interchangeable designs. Since 1959, MINI stands for a simplistic, iconic design with outstanding longevity. Our models are just as technology-packed as any other car. With our new feature campaign for print, we wanted to take a more minimal approach to communicate complex technology.

Idea: MINImalism – a feature communication built from the iconic MINI logo’s wings. We turned those stripes into versatile design elements to communicate the new features and assistants, as simplistic and iconic as the car itself. To do this, we used the stripes taken from the logo’s wings to showcase the car’s new features and assistants. This allows us to design functions and surroundings in a surprising but simple way. Our new design language visualises complex features and makes them instantly recognisable and understandable without the need for words. All while remaining true to the iconic style of a MINI. Across our campaign, the design and monochromatic look intensifies the viewer's perception with every motif.

Results: For the first time, we created a new design language based on the logo and used it to communicate the car features and assistants. This unique and holistic approach stays true to the brand’s simplicity, creativity and longevity that fans love in a MINI. Thereby, setting new standards for car feature communications.

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