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The New Hope Foundation
"Taste Of Europe"

Client: The New Hope Foundation
Product: service
Title: Taste Of Europe
Media: Guerilla
Country: Maroc
Date Of Campaign: 01/06/2022

Background: Since 2014 up until now. More than 30,000 migrants have died trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea to reach Europe. However, these estimates are only from documented deaths, wrecks, and bodies found. Making the Mediterranean “the biggest cemetery in the world”.

Idea: New Hope Foundation is an NGO that promotes projects to help disadvantaged people gain access to first-world opportunities. Targeting migrants is almost impossible, due to their political status and geographical position. So a new and surprising way to communicate with people who are incommunicado had to be created, giving migrants a choice to stay in their home countries rather than having to travel abroad.

Results: • Given to over 15,000 migrants. • Less than 5% decided to return home. • 17% of those who were given the packs and attempted the crossing, had to return to the beach due to rough conditions or problems with European coastguards. • Out of those 17%, 13% decided to not try again. • International NGOs and European country’s own statistics have reported a decrease in the number of migrants attempting to cross, since the campaign began.

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