Leo Burnett Frankfurt

Samsung Electronics GmbH
"The spider and the window"

Client: Samsung Electronics GmbH
Product: Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
Title: The spider and the window
Media: cinema, social media, banner, microsite
Country: Germany, International
Date Of Campaign: 14.02.2022

Background: The goal for the market launch of Samsung's new flagship phone, the Galaxy S22 Ultra, was to highlight its further developed camera, in order to ensure a strong positioning in the competitive smartphone market.The film should also have the potential to radiate onto the Samsung brand and strengthen its perception as a love brand. Target audience: Existing Samsung users, millennials and GenZ.

Idea: Our goal was not just to create another product film, but to find a way to cleverly combine emotional storytelling with the outstanding camera features, in order to create a larger brand story.That's why we used a very special testimonial: A little spider who falls in love with the new Galaxy S22 Ultra when she sees an advertising motif for the phone on the opposite wall.No wonder, because the smartphone's camera lenses are very reminiscent of spider eyes. Following an emotional roller coaster we witness a touching happy end between spider and phone.

Results: Our approach is all about revealing the similarity between spider eyes and the camera lenses and thereby creating a touching story around a rather unemotional product feature. The unusual love story shows the fascination with the impressive camera of the Galaxy S22 Ultra in an unseen way and can also be understood as a statement of tolerance and openness.

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