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Justin Edinburgh 3 Foundation
"The Extra Time Badge"

Client: Justin Edinburgh 3 Foundation
Product: CPR Badge
Title: The Extra Time Badge
Media: Direct
Country: United Kingdom
Date Of Campaign: March 2022

Background: When suffering a Sudden Cardiac Arrest, every minute without CPR and de-fibrillation decreases your chance of survival by around 10%. Yet, despite this, over 38% of adults in the UK are unlikely to perform CPR due to a lack of training of a lack of training.With high profile incidents at football matches, the quick intervention of medical professionals have helped save lives. But at grassroots football up and down the country there are more incidents, and without the presence of medical experts then players lives are left to chance.

Idea: The Extra Time Badge educates young footballers, coaches and parents in the key steps of CPR. Applied on kits, the badge becomes accessible to all and means that players have a life saving guide exactly where and when they need it most. The badge is designed to guide people as quickly as possible, because every second matters. Free to order, the badge also comes with further information and encourages people to sign up to full CPR courses near them. The initiative also acts as a platform for survivors of SCA to share their story as a way to help show how important every minute can be.

Results: Launched online, over 500 badges were ordered within 48 hours. +1,200 people visited the website, with a page view time of 02:58 on our performing CPR page, a 242% increase in the average time. "One badge could save a life. It doesn't get any more profound than that."Peter PrickettSenior Sports Coach - Brentford Community Sports Trust

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