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Tatra banka
"Bejby Blue - Your digital persona"

Client: Tatra banka
Product: Students bank account
Title: Bejby Blue - Your digital persona
Media: Digital campaign
Country: Slovakia
Date Of Campaign: 1.6.2020-31.12.2020

Background: Tatra Banka is Slovakias leading bank in innovation and digital. It had even won "Worlds most innovative digital bank in the wordld". Its annual student aquisition campaign is one of its online communication highlights, brave and bold and always pushing boundaries.The problem is that each year there is less and less new students to attract, and the competition started giving out big financial bonuses with each new open account.So we had difficult task. Keep Tatra Banka no.1 in student segment.And do so while keeping brand values in target group such as innovative and digital.

Idea: we embodied the era we all are living, even more students- digital era. And we created first 100% digital persona around. Her task was to show young people what they can achieve if they decide to show their own "digital persona" and use their time online in a meaningful way. Bejby Blue let them experience her digital success story in real time. Story of rise from nobody to stardom in digital era -like their heroes, Billie Eilish&Justin Bieber.She launched music career from her bedroom, than appeared on one of the most influential rappers music video, even made her own song celebrating digital era. She also met with other "digital personalities" - influencers, gamers and other people that are successful thanks to internet.By doing so she became part of youth culture.

Results: We preceeded business goal - fulfilled to 102% Opened twice the number of accounts than in year 2018Usage - open accounts via app was fulfulled to 125%64% more conversions compared to 201943% prompted awareness - highest ever measured on online campaign in Slovakia97% brand attribution - Best brand attribution of all Tatra bankas campaigns by far (70% is benchmark)She kept 26% engagement rate on instagram - 2% is benchmark3mil+ organic views of her music videosBest performing campaign with values as Innovative and Digital She really became part of youth culture - 5 nominations in prestigeous slovakian music award showThe best slovak pop singer "Tina" made spontaneously song about Bejby blue, named Bejby blue ( 1 300 000 organic views to date)

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