Ideas Agitadas

Ideas Agitadas
"Chewing Mask"

Client: Ideas Agitadas
Product: Chewing Mask
Title: Chewing Mask
Media: Digital
Country: Spain
Date Of Campaign: 2021-22

Background: Chewing Mask looks like a chewing gum but it is a revolution in itself. Given the pandemic context, it represents a discovery of scientific, social and economic impact that no one had considered until now. An innovation that highlights even more the use of creativity as a solution tool and that opens up a highway of possibilities to face global problems. It is the perfect example of how sometimes an apparently simple and brilliant idea, followed by its technical and scientific development, can solve big problems.

Idea: The current context has changed our dynamics, what we used to do without hesitation, now seems unsafe, a new normality that brings new insights. For the creation of the chewing gum, we considered the need for protection against coronavirus, a reality that everyone is facing. Our purpose with the product is to offer extra protection through acids that are diluted in saliva and deactivate all lipid-coated viruses, such as Coronavirus, or, for example, the common flu virus. The innovation is the creation of the compound that inactivates the virus; the chewing gum format is only the vehicle that allows us to administer, right where the viruses replicate, the ingredients that are later diluted in saliva to offer protection.

Results: The expectations for the launch of this product are global, as it has been formulated to be compatible with the legislation of all markets. Distribution is currently being negotiated with 25 companies in the sector present in 87 countries and geographical areas. An international consulting firm estimates the value of the patent at between 10 and 15 million euros.According to the world's largest chewing gum industry, this is the biggest innovation in the industry in history, including the formulation of sugar-free chewing gum. The first containers will arrive in the Canary Islands and marketing will begin in March 2022. The press conference to announce it is scheduled, with the presence of the authorities, for the same dates.

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