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AAMI (Suncorp)
"Rest Towns"

Client: AAMI (Suncorp)
Product: AAMI Car Insurance
Title: Rest Towns
Media: Online
Country: Australia
Date Of Campaign: 1/4/21

Background: Situation: Fatigue is the third biggest killer on Australian roads. Our country has some of the longest driving distances in the world. That’s why authorities recommend stopping to rest every 2 hours for at least 15 minutes. Young drivers are the most at risk, because they tend to power through to their destination without stopping to rest. Brief: AAMI, Australia’s leading motor insurance company, knows accident numbers spike over the summer holidays, as young drivers hit the road on long road trips. Our challenge was to create a road safety campaign to encourage young Aussies to stop and rest particularly on the longest and most dangerous stretches of road. Objectives: Making Australians safer is at the heart of everything AAMI does. We thought it was time for an innovative solution to make young drivers a little safer and help reduce the number of accidents over the summer holidays.

Idea: AAMI RestTowns is a targeted media, road safety initiative, encouraging young drivers on long road trips to stop and rest in a rural Australian town every 2 hours. Every year, AAMI collects comprehensive data from thousands of road accidents across Australia, into their annual AAMI Crash Index. Using AAMI’s Crash Index Data, we identified the longest and most dangerous stretches of road and selected specific rural towns where young drivers could stop and rest, based on their local attractions. Rural towns in need of visitors and business after the extended COVID lockdown. Using Facebook interest-based targeting we created geo-targeted digital travel guides based on their location, with a link to a personalised Spotify 2-hour road trip playlist. When our young drivers hit the road, we combined geolocation, time-based and in-car targeting to serve them ‘rest alerts’, along with local incentives to encourage them to stop in our AAMI RestTowns.

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