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SingleCut Beersmiths
"Notes IPA"

Client: SingleCut Beersmiths
Product: SingleCut Beersmiths
Title: Notes IPA
Media: Digital, App
Country: Canada, USA
Date Of Campaign: 19th of July 2021

Background: SingleCut Beersmiths is an NYC craft brewery that’s inspired by rock ’n’ roll. Every craft beer the brewery produces pays homage to rock music. Our brief from the client was to develop concepts for a new limited-edition beer that celebrates SingleCut’s rock ’n’ roll roots. Beyond delivering on sales and awareness, the beer would also need to bring the SingleCut brand to life in an experiential way to capture the imagination of new and existing customers.

Idea: Introducing Notes IPA, the first beer crafted to teach you guitar.Four distinct labels were designed to display a guitar fretboard and a foundational chord: C, D, G or E minor. By gripping the can exactly as you would a guitar, you can learn the finger positions for these chords and get a feel for guitar strings through the label’s tactile finish. Scanning the Snapchat code on the labels activates a shareable augmented reality guitar lesson right on the can and turns it into a playable instrument. This mobile experience allows you to hear how the chords should sound, generate and record your own unique chord progressions and share your music via Snapchat.Every pull tab is even fitted with a custom-made guitar pick – designed to pop open the beer and pop off for you to play with. The picks are made via injection moulding and offer the same authentic weight and feel that seasoned guitarists are familiar with.Custom shipping tubes were also designed in the image of a guitar neck, each one coming with the beer, pull tab picks and limited-edition campaign posters. These cases were sent out to some of the greatest guitar players in the US and Canada, along with a handwritten note from SingleCut’s founder, Rich Buceta.By reimagining how a can of beer could be experienced both physically and digitally, Notes IPA ultimately became an innovative teaching tool and the new signature craft brew for SingleCut Beersmiths.

Results: Notes IPA sold out twice as fast as an average SingleCut release. And in addition to being the brand’s most successful social initiative to date on an engagement level, the AR lens performed 3x above the average lens playtime for Snapchat and had a cost per swipe $1 lower than benchmark ($0.48 vs $1.50).The integrated campaign was featured on Dieline, the leading publication for innovative package design, as well as Guitar World, the iconic guitar magazine. It was also picked up by the global trade press and was an Ad Age Editor’s Pick of the Day.

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