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Consonant Skin+Care

Client: Consonant Skin+Care
Product: Consonant Skin+Care
Title: Come&Glow
Media: Podcast, Direct, Print
Country: Canada
Date Of Campaign: 18th of November 2020

Background: Consonant Skin+Care is all about pairing skincare with self-care. The brand recommends as much meditation as it does moisturizer, because when your mind is at peace, your skin responds well. Our goal was to bring this unique philosophy to life in a way that appealed to a sophisticated female audience who were skeptical of the overpromising beauty and skincare industry in general. We measured success as media coverage to build brand buzz (1 million PR impressions) and an aggressive 50% increase in website traffic versus a year ago, including US market lifts.We discovered that one type of self-care in particular can reduce blemishes and boost collagen: masturbation. A study of 3,500 people showed that those who masturbated at least three times per week looked 10 years younger than those who didn’t[1]; however, less than half of women masturbate regularly[2]So how do we get women to see the skin benefits of masturbation? Our strategy was to design a program that celebrated the impact of solo sex on the skin and reframed female masturbation as a regular and essential act. Sources: [1] James, Jamie, and Weeks, Dr. David, “Superyoung: The Proven Way to Stay Young Forever,” 1998[2] www.happyplaytime.com, 2013 (informed by National Survey of Sexual Health and Behaviour, Indiana University)

Idea: To make the connection between skincare and masturbation, we created the Come&Glow Set. But we didn’t just approach it as a new product, we viewed it as a sensorial experience, designed from top to bottom. As you open the Come&Glow package, illustrations reveal the full visual of a masturbating female. It was important to destigmatize with this visual right out of the gate. Inside, you’ll discover carefully curated items, which include Consonant Charcoal Sheet Masks, a mood-setting LOHN candle, and a deluxe Lelo vibrator. To round out the sensorial experience, the set also contains an invitation to Consonant’s original podcast series The More You O.Developed in partnership with renowned sexologist Taylor Nolan, The More You O tackles touchy taboos and guides women through solo sex techniques as well as skincare practices across six episodes. And the branding for this intimate audio experience proudly displays the vulva in all shapes and sizes.

Results: Consonant’s Come&Glow Set immediately resonated with the skincare community. Success for the overall program was measured by sales numbers, reach, and media coverage:All Come&Glow Sets sold out within weeksStrong sales prompted the release of a second round, which was also offered nationally at luxury retailer Holt RenfrewIncrease in new site visitors by 87% VYA (vs. 50% goal), with an increase in new US site visitors by 139% VYAThe More You O was downloaded in 73 countriesAlmost 38 million international media impressions with coverage by beauty influencers and press in Forbes and Nylon magazines and Toronto Star, and a feature article in global beauty destination Byrdie magazine“The first to bring masturbation skincare to the mainstream.” – Forbes“It’s a topic that remains taboo for too many women.” – Toronto Star“Exactly the kind of apocalyptic self-care we need.” – Byrdie

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