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Fundación Mujeres (Women foundation) & Twitter

Client: Fundación Mujeres (Women foundation) & Twitter
Product: Pay Gap
Title: #VerifiedForGood
Media: Twitter
Country: Spain
Date Of Campaign: 21/02/22

Background: The gender pay gap exists in Spain, and stands at almost 20% (Source: INE). 1 out of 3 Spaniards, however, denies it (Source: Report on Gender Equality. Infojobs). In an increasingly connected world, with greater access to information, it is often difficult to distinguish what is true from what is false. How can we verify this documented reality that many seek to deny? How can we shine a light on the gender pay gap?

Idea: We used something unquestionable, a universal symbol accepted and internalized by everyone who uses social media every day: the Blue Verified Check Mark.On the occasion of European Equal Pay Day (February 22), we managed, for the first time in history, to get Twitter to certify this social cause through the #VerifiedForGood campaign. This is an initiative revolving around the @BrechaSalarial profile, which has supplied official data and information substantiating this reality. The INE and the Tax Agency were, among other sources, essential to verify the issue as being of public interest and to shift this social struggle to the main focus of user conversations: digital platforms.The initiative features a content plan supplied with official data. In addition, it analyzes causes, solutions and reflections by experts. The posts are designed as an open forum for conversation between users of the digital platform.This is how we achieved something unprecedented: having the social media giant turn the gender pay gap into the first officially verified social reality.

Results: In just 24 hours, the campaign reached more than 12 million people.Source: BrandWatchThe spot with over 6 million views.Source: Twitter, YouTubeThe account we created and verified racked up more than 11 million impressions in just one day.Source: TwitterWe managed to jump from the platform to the media and from Spain to 5 other countries.Media Headlines:- “The gender wage gap remains a reality” | Mercado Negro- “For the first time, Twitter has issued a blue check mark to a social cause!" | Mas Mujeres a seguir- “The Gender Wage Gap becomes the first social reality to get a blue check mark” | El PeriódicoOne conversation and millions of tweets.

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