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The Foundation K.I.D.S.
"The Youngest Headhunter in the World"

Client: The Foundation K.I.D.S.
Product: The Foundation K.I.D.S.
Title: The Youngest Headhunter in the World
Media: LinkedIn
Country: Poland
Date Of Campaign: 22.06.2021

Background: How to change Polish hospitals into modern ones without any budget? This is the mission of Foundation K.I.D.S. To do so, it needs the best technology experts in Poland as volunteers. How to reach them and how to convince them to help implement technologies in children’s hospitals? And one more thing: how to do it for free, because neither hospitals nor the foundation have any money for them?

Idea: In our campaign children took matters into their own hands. Children who have experience with Polish hospitals, helped us recruit the greatest experts on LinkedIn, becoming the youngest headhunters in the world. But how they did it? We wanted our children to have professional background to act on LinkedIn - place where they can find all the experts. That is why we firstly organised for them a special recruitment workshops, where they learned how to talk and present themselves from the HR experts. Then children prepared their speeches for specific professionals. Our young headhunters recorded 14 personalized direct videos for the top experts we needed and they sent them via LinkedIn. Experts were delighted to publish their videos and to help hospitals. The presence of children on such professional platform as LinkedIn was a breakthrough. Not only we reach our experts directly but also thanks to their followers community they reach directly their audience - our potential volonteers.

Results: We recruited experts we wanted and needed: famous academic teachers, UX and robotics experts, the president of the most innovative company in Poland, media star and even a former Minister of Digital Affairs. We recruited 103 experts. More than we expected. They will give us about 4690 of their hours for the equivalent of nearly 3 000 000 PLN. And that’s all for free. Well…Almost. They will work for cupcakes and jelly beans. We even recruited such companies as Nationale-Nederlanden, BNP Paribas, Reckitt and Microsoft. Our foundation became well known among experts on LinkedIn. Our experts so far have created a VR project for children in chemio, recorded podcasts about psychological empathy and launched the new hospital app.

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