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"Give a Flybuys"

Client: Flybuys
Product: Loyalty Program
Title: Give a Flybuys
Media: Film/Integrated- SBS, Seven, Nine, Ten TenPlay, 7Plus, 9Now, Foxtel / Kayo & SBS on Demand, Ooh! Media, Shopper MediaOoh! Media, Shopper Media
Country: Australia
Date Of Campaign: 16 February 2021

Background: Despite being the biggest and most well-known loyalty program in Australia, with 1 in 3 Australians part of their membership base, Flybuys were facing a cliff of ambivalence about the program, making the future of the program look dire. Not only were two thirds of our base completely dormant, having not redeemed a single point in the last year, but also, in comparison to other loyalty programs we were attracting fewer younger members. As they saw the brand as boring, outdated and ‘pointless’. So, we were set the challenge of making Flybuys relevant to the next generation of shoppers; those under 35. By reframing savvy as the new sexy. A program that could help more Aussies thrive instead of simply survive pay check to pay check.

Idea: Until this point, Flybuys had relied on their traditional, older grocery buyers to drive program engagement. But the data was telling us that to protect the brand, we needed to make a drastic shift now. So, we focused all our media spend on the under 35 audience. Which required a complete repositioning of the program - with a simple, yet provocative angle. At a time when people didn’t give a F%^K about Flybuys. We told them that if they ‘Give a Flybuys’ by scanning their card. They can take more. Positioned as a 3-minute music video, voiced by the lead-singer of a post-punk band, with an implied swear word as the brand line - it clearly didn’t look like anything in the market. A risk which paid off.

Results: So, if we were boring, outdated and irrelevant before, what were we after? Innovative, engaging, exciting and generous. After seeing the campaign, people were increasingly seeing Flybuys as personally relevant (from 43% to 45%) and started seeing Flybuys as a ‘smarter way to shop’ from 31% to 33%. In the first 4 months of the brand repositioning, we saw a 25% increase in sign-ups, which translates to 113k new members. Of our new savvy members, 39% of them were under 34 year-olds, a complete turnaround in audience base. And this group was actually using the program; we saw a 10% increase in offers activated (which is a signal for intent) since the campaign launched. Flybuys does not track ROI as a measure of success. Engagement with the product and the ability to gather unique consumer data as a way to recruit and service more partners is their core KPI.