Innocean Australia

No Ugly

Client: No Ugly
Product: Sleep
Title: Lullabies
Media: Social
Country: Australia
Date Of Campaign: June 2021

Background: No Ugly are a range of New Zealand wellness tonics with ‘No Ugly’ Ingredients. No Ugly Sleep contains all natural ingredients including Magnesium, Tart Cherry and Passionflower to help insomniacs get a good night’s sleep. While they were popular in New Zealand, they were launching in Australia without a major supermarket distributor. They needed to raise awareness of the benefits of No Ugly Sleep and convert that into sales using the only channel they had - social.

Idea: No Ugly Lullabies turned what keeps people awake into what gets them to sleep. We asked Australians what keeps them awake through our social channels. In 48 hours we turned hundreds of responses into bespoke lullabies, which were sent back to our insomniacs. From people’s sex lives to backpacker parties to HR redundancy emails, we flooded social media with all the weird and wonderful worries that keep people awake at night.

Results: We used people’s insomnia to successfully launch a sleep tonic through social media.No Ugly lullabies achieved 56% engagement rate with a 720% increase in sales. Off the back of the campaign, No Ugly also secured a distribution deal with a major Australian supermarket. Helping the brand get stocked across Australia.